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What's New

Kindergarten Open House

Click on the "About Crystal Beach" tab for a list of teachers and classes. Teachers with websites have links attached to their names.

COAST a 24 hr. hotline for behaviour crises with adults and children, call 1-800-263-4944

Important Dates

June 2 Grade 5 & 6 to PALS

June 9 Grade 4&5 to Walkers Living Campus

June 10 PA Day

June 13 & 14 Grade 7/8 to Toronto

June 17 Logo reveal day

June 22 Graduation

June 23 Kindergarten Celebration

June 27 Fun Day with Ridgeway/Bertie

June 28 K-3 to Zooz

June 29 Last Day of School

June 30 PA Day

First Day back to JOHN BRANT is September 6. School starts at 8:55 am.


Welcome to Crystal Beach Public School!




Please click on the dreambox picture to access the program.

Students are encouraged to access the site.



We have a Crystal Beach PS family member that is extremely sensitive to scents.

Please be considerate of those who are sensitive to fragrances or scents and avoid using these products in the school.


John Brant Public School Updates:

The new school has a name!

John Brant was born in 1794. He played a significant role in the War of 1812. At the age of 18, Brant led the Mohawk in the Battle of Queenston Heights. Following the war, Brant worked tirelessly to secure Six Nation's land rights and to have the British provide the Six Nations with deeds to their lands. John Brant was elected to the Upper Canada assembly in 1830 becoming the first Aboriginal member of the Upper Canada assembly.

New Mascot: John Brant Wolves

Students from the 3 schools have voted and the new mascot will be the wolves. We look forward to seeing the final drawings. Watch for pictures to follow.

Picture taken October 22, 2015

Picture taken November 30, 2015

Picture taken mid December 2015