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What's New

We will have a Balanced School Day starting September 2, 2014.

Click on the About Crystal Beach tab for a list of teachers and classes.

Click here to find out how to access mental health services in Niagara , it gives a listing of health services and locations.

COAST a 24 hr. hotline for behaviour crises with adults and children, call 1-800-263-4944

Important Dates

Grade One open house Wednesday August 27 from 11-noon

School starts at 8:40 on Tuesday September 2, 2014. Teachers will be on the playground with class lists to greet you.


Welcome to Crystal Beach Public School!

Crystal Beach Public School has:

* full day Early Learning kindergarten

* on site free Ontario Early Years Centre, open 9-12 Monday to Thursday this summer

* free breakfast daily and low cost lunch program daily

* Heather Sorensen Memorial library and outdoor classroom

* four Smartboard interactive computers

* full computer lab

* Boys and Girls Club programs three evenings a week

* A Child's World Childcare opening September 2014

* caring professional staff

* Lexia Reading and dreambox mathematics software

* great students!